Tweets from 2009-08-01

Got to figure out how to break Izzy of his new every-hour nighttime feeding schedule. That or incorporate naptime into my workday. # @coreyr Happy birthday, Avery’s dad! πŸ™‚ in reply to coreyr # Cathy in Chronicle of Higher Ed! RT @CatinStack: I had no idea so many people were frustrated with grading… # …

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Tweets from 2009-07-31

Izzy woke me up 4 times last night and was done with sleep by 7. Gonna be hard to do anything involving mental coordination today. #notGSD # Coffee kicking in, ready to get up and at em… babysitter overslept. D’oh! Still #notGSD. # Wow, @WUNC going off the air for 20 min with abt 1 …

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Tweets from 2009-07-30

@RUBYforWomen No, “@rubyforwomen” is how you promote yourself. “@ruby” is how you promote ME. Do you not see the difference? in reply to RUBYforWomen # Left charger @ work –> dead phone –> ergo no tweeting from the bus this AM. #PalmPreBatterySux Now setting my brand new MacBook Pro! # Awesome! RT @bpuccio: Check out …

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Tweets from 2009-07-29

@blogdiva Uhmmm, so… malfunction? in reply to blogdiva # @philklein Would we call it… NetSquared? Or NETx? in reply to philklein # Listening to public radio out of Austin b/c @WUNC’s is one of the streams that mysteriously don’t work on the #Pre. WNYC & WAMU neither. # RT @acarvin: Wondering what cool hacks …

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Tweets from 2009-07-28

Listening to Carol Channing on Free to Be You and Me. Somehow makes me think of you, @darlingtristin. Hope all is proceeding nicely. #f2bu&m # Rtwt @orangepolitics: WE CAN HAS MAPPAGE! OP’s Election 2009 section now features an interactive Google map: #local # @jelosta Cool, check out for indoctrination. πŸ˜‰ You may be …

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Tweets from 2009-07-27

Dreamt of crazy airport security system: lady couln’t understand how 1 of my shirts fit under the other so she confiscated & destroyed it. # – Poppa’s shoes # . @secantnet Rock on @pink_plaid! I look forward to yr reports from the @catscradle as I lie here in bed with my sleeping baby. πŸ™‚ …

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Tweets from 2009-07-26

How much do I want to be awakte now? None. None much. # Currently seeing NO bars on my phone. What gives, Sprint Airave? # @jedmiller Not sure abt music scene, but check the unique college/community in Berea, KY. in reply to jedmiller # @bpuccio Congrats on the great haul! What will you do w/ …

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Tweets from 2009-07-25

I can watch Spirited Away on my Pre! Whee! # @CAPAction Thanks but it’s really @orangepolitics you want to see for progressive local blogging. πŸ™‚ #pstateblog in reply to CAPAction # So I’m speaking at @IgniteRaleigh: What should I talk abt? Local politix, soc net analysis, open stuff… # Just found out Izzy’s …

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Tweets from 2009-07-24

Dear institution leaving me an automated voicemail: I might be more likely to reply if you would say who you are! # On a related note, dear UNC Hospitals billing dept: you are the absolute pits & are ensuring I will (continue to) avoid UNC at all costs. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

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Tweets from 2009-07-23

Grrr, TTA (regional bus) running almost 10 minutes late. Again. #weneedrail # Kudos to @smalljones & @ibiblio for being part of advocating gov’t use of #opensource software (@oss) # @BrianR Happy 3rd anniversary to us! πŸ™‚ in reply to BrianR # @tbeckett Me (JK)! I have teh Goog Voice, but I don’t think we …

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