Tweets from 2009-07-31

  • Izzy woke me up 4 times last night and was done with sleep by 7. Gonna be hard to do anything involving mental coordination today. #notGSD #
  • Coffee kicking in, ready to get up and at em… babysitter overslept. D’oh! Still #notGSD. #
  • Wow, @WUNC going off the air for 20 min with abt 1 min notice. A transmitter is being upgraded. Maybe the white noise will help Izzy sleep. #
  • @cwhittle Hope all your tests went/are going well. Watching your status hopefully… Let me know if I can do anything. in reply to cwhittle #
  • Something seems very wrong w/ my new MacBook Pro. Starting up applications takes 3 minutes and/or hangs the whole system! #mac #osx #fail #
  • Looks like #Songbird might be the culprit. Or at least *a* culprit. Maybe Mozilla-based problem? #mac #osx #fail #
  • RT @natthedem @DavidCornDC: WH announces Medal of Freedom winners: S. Hawking, Jack Kemp, Ted Kennedy, B.J. King, Rev. Lowery, & Harvey Milk #
  • Check out my boss (@catinstack) talking about digital media and learning: #

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