Not so fun, between the buns or otherwise!

The latest chapter in Bizarre Things Happen to Ruby on Twitter. I get erroneous tweets for the horrible restaurant Ruby Tuesday all the time. I mean, like, every day. Here’s a sample: But yesterday I started to hundreds every hour.

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Tweets from 2009-08-10

@Luc1xoxo Uhm, my husband’s name isn’t @dion. #wrongruby in reply to Luc1xoxo # Today just went from bad to shitty. # @midcenturysal Nice, do they have spots for ppl w small kids? (IKEA does, we were impressed.) Related news: our car was just towed fr VW. in reply to midcenturysal # NC reprazent. Rtwt @fatbellybella …

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Tweets from 2009-08-09

Grandma at home with Izzy, parents on the way to #BarCampRDU… # So far most of the sessions pitched at #barcamprdu are too technical for me. Thinking about pitching a mini #predevcamp session. #palm #pre # . @ncho I’m bummed that you’re not here, too! #barcamprdu in reply to ncho # Looking at in …

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Tweets from 2009-08-08

Just downloaded an OPML file of my tweeps thanks to @davewiner’s simple tool: One small step for platform freedom… # Looks like @BrianR and I will be at #BarCampRDU without @IzzySinreich in arms. Thanks for the babysitting, Grandma Sherrie! # @kimberly_nancy No but there’s a cute summary of #IgniteRaleigh by @GinnySkal at I’ll …

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Tweets from 2009-08-07

RT @steveburnett: Compare/contrast Ignite and Pecha Kucha: GO! #igniteraleigh # @msfour I use Twitter to stay awake while feeding Izzy. So yeah, it’s not good, but it’s very common, :-/ in reply to msfour # Thanks for the #Igniteraleigh love, @exhibitresource @kbodnar32 @JrMozart @theRab @jelosta @JustObserving @RaleighTopNews @kflanagan (1/2) in reply to exhibitresource # …

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Tweets from 2009-08-06

@somemandy Wha? #wrongruby in reply to somemandy # @stetsonkpatton Yes some of my episodes are quite entertaining. #wrongruby in reply to stetsonkpatton # @somemandy That’s OK, it happens a lot. Maybe you or @ruby1201 can explain this to @tikapanggabean. #wrongruby in reply to somemandy # Walking by the playground where I went to preschool and …

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Tweets from 2009-08-05

??? RT @Chuckumentary: My god. @MCHammer is a genius marketer. Or something. “Hit Me On Twitter !!! The Video !!!” # @hollybeee Such a sad, sad story. Makes me mad abt gun control, mental health, sexuality education… What a tough job Alan has. in reply to hollybeee # RT @nprscottsimon: I really try not …

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Tweets from 2009-08-04

@TikaPanggabean Sorry, no comprendo. #wrongruby in reply to TikaPanggabean # Love my new wireless Bluetooth keyboard & mouse. Too bad I can’t use them w/ new MacBook Pro which is totally borked. Sigh. #mustbemonday # Playing Stump The Genius at my local Apple Store. # Offered to reformat my HD, like I couldn’t do that. …

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Tweets from 2009-08-03

My cat is 16 human years old. Old enough to drive. But apparently not old enough to be trusted not to pee in the house like a baby. # @nikitaprice Thanks. Who the hell are you? #wrongruby in reply to nikitaprice # Getting some good advice as I try to figure out how to …

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Tweets from 2009-08-02

Hanging out with SIX babies & their associated parents on the lawn at Southern Village. About to see UP! # RT: @ayse: WHAT. “Hungry Like the Wolf” is only the **#3** best song of the 80s?? My ass. #boycottVH1 # @emeritbadges UP! was way fun, I think the kids would like it although they likely …

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