Tweets from 2009-08-01

  • Got to figure out how to break Izzy of his new every-hour nighttime feeding schedule. That or incorporate naptime into my workday. #
  • @coreyr Happy birthday, Avery’s dad! 🙂 in reply to coreyr #
  • Cathy in Chronicle of Higher Ed! RT @CatinStack: I had no idea so many people were frustrated with grading… #
  •’s #funk tag is one of the most reliably awesome streams, especially for working. #
  • @BryanAlexander It’s not my event, but I did put your name in the hopper. Were brainstorming with these folks: #
  • Mmmm, second breakfast. #
  • Someone needs to ‘splain me what’s so great about Apache Solr search. I’m finding it quite substandard. #drupal #
  • @gsingers It doesn’t find stuff. in reply to gsingers #
  • @nerdette I was just telling @brianr how much you rock. Hope you’re digging Austin. I’ll tweet ya when we come to town (got family there). #

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