Tweets from 2009-07-29

  • @blogdiva Uhmmm, so… malfunction? in reply to blogdiva #
  • @philklein Would we call it… NetSquared? Or NETx? in reply to philklein #
  • Listening to public radio out of Austin b/c @WUNC’s is one of the streams that mysteriously don’t work on the #Pre. WNYC & WAMU neither. #
  • RT @acarvin: Wondering what cool hacks people will come up with now that NPR transcripts are a part of our API: #
  • Just realized that if I join the @chcYMCA I will have to buy new shoes. Fuh. Not sure I can afford the time & money for shoe shopping. #
  • @tbeckett I have special feet that needs serious support. Can’t just waltz in to the gym in ratty old sneaks. #plantarfasciitis in reply to tbeckett #
  • @CHCYMCA Thanks, that’s kind of you. I have plantar fasciitis (sp?) so I need shoes with supportive arches and good lateral stability. #
  • @_spell Wrong, wrong, and wrong. But thanks for playing. in reply to _spell #
  • Treading water when I need to be doing laps. #
  • That Twitviwer thing is a scam y’all. Stop clicking it. #
  • This TOTN piece on black males in America is so painfully NPR. Guests = black & comfy. Don’t seem to see modern racism & classism. #
  • Rtwt @CatinStack: Tim Lenoir et al–public diplomacy via new MMORPG “Emergence” #
  • Rtwt @CatinStack’s “Crowdsourcing Grading” is a hot topic on @hastac. Get yr comments in before 11pm tonight! #
  • @RUBYforWomen It’s easy: just stop using the phrase “@ruby” in your tweets. in reply to RUBYforWomen #
  • Rtwt @FORpeace: Did Someone Say Uppity Or Was That Just My Imagination?: Can we imagine a white male SC nominee… #

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