Tweets from 2009-07-28

  • Listening to Carol Channing on Free to Be You and Me. Somehow makes me think of you, @darlingtristin. Hope all is proceeding nicely. #f2bu&m #
  • Rtwt @orangepolitics: WE CAN HAS MAPPAGE! OP’s Election 2009 section now features an interactive Google map: #local #
  • @jelosta Cool, check out for indoctrination. 😉 You may be a good excuse for an overdue @orangepolitics meetup. in reply to jelosta #
  • Appreciate the help from & but their search tools SUCK. #
  • Plus, researching random day care places online is depressing. Need personal referrals from people *I* know & trust. #
  • @tjstankus Didn’t I say people I *trust*? Just kidding! We need a place that will take a 4 month old, though. in reply to tjstankus #
  • What Palm shd have done: focus on Songbird sync, screw iTunes.
    #Pre #
  • To Sen. Richard Burr: Every American family deserves quality health insurance now #hc09 #NC #27516 #
  • @RUBYforWomen HEY, stop @-ing me! 🙁 in reply to RUBYforWomen #
  • . @coxn I was pretty annoyed with Y as well. But I still read all of them. It gets more interesting, but not less annoying. Happy to loan. #
  • OMG new neighbors seem to have a car alarm. Would be quaintly retro if not so F-ing annoying. #
  • RT @bellesouth: I’d rather they tax the snot out of my Snapple & Mountain Dew than out of my vegetables. If it pays for #hcr wellness, good. #

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