Tweets from 2009-02-06

  • Retweeting @FORpeace: Reaching out – If it’s good for Republicans, why isn’t it good for Iran? #
  • @MeEloise I do the same thing. Always switch to streams from WAMU or WNYC (AM) during WUNC’s pledge drive. #
  • I slept sitting up b/c of reflux last night and now all I want to do is lie down. #pregnancy #
  • @lisawilliams Yes, Tums Smoothies are my very good friends. And as @catcloud points out, there’s always light at the end o fthe tunnel. 😉 #
  • Thanks, Ivan! Retweeting @rootwork Finally moved the Nonprofit Twitter Pack to its own page. (expand) #nptech #
  • @lisawilliams I feel confident that I’ll be ready when it’s time. Except a few important logistics like childcare (!). #
  • This month’s regular meeting with Mr. Doesn’t Play Wll With Others was even worse than usual. Becoming a real problem. #
  • Me: “I can’t give feedback on things I don’t know about.” Him: “That’s not helpful.” err? #
  • Watch “Don’t Divorce Us!” (Almost made it thru w/o crying til I got to the pregnant couple.) #
  • Trying to motervate myself to #GSD before the work week slips away. #
  • Tech support people who *make up answers* because they think I don’t understand their product should… I don’t know, try maybe fucking off? #
  • @msfour Next time I see you I’ll tell you some lame-parent stories to make you feel better. (Afraid mine might be reading Twitter.) #
  • Rtwt @uncpressblog: ethicist Karey Harwood (author of The Infertility Treadmill) on the California octuplets case #
  • @msfour It’s OK. Look how great I turned out anyway! 😉 (Dunno the back story, but you can probably say the same.) #
  • Thinking about the breeder and the breadwinner roles, and feeling very conflicted about being both. That’s my topic for weekend brooding. #
  • @josephrschwartz I know you probably already found something, but here’s some more Saturday music: Good luck tommorrow! #
  • (But why do we need to abuse monkeys to prove it?) Retweeting @nerdette: Love Makes Kids Smarter #
  • Congrats on becoming a father, @chimprawk!!! Get used to things not going as planned. 😉 #

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