Tweets from 2008-03-30

  • Getting up in 3 hours to do a training at Camp Wellstone. I shoulda charged ’em… #
  • Err, 4 hours. Whatever. #
  • Amazing how quickly one can get around at 8am on Sunday! I’m no morning person, but like getting a jump on the world. #
  • How ironic – Camp Wellstone is next to a "Marina Training" seminar in the next conference room over. #
  • Errr, *Marine Training.* Sorry. Anyhoo, more on Camp Wellstone: #
  • Chilling at the Church of the Piña Colada after a hectic weekend. Ahhh. #
  • Kansas *barely* pulls out a victory against Davidson… and a million brackets breathed a sigh of relief. #ncaa #basketball #

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