Tweets from 2009-02-05

  • Happy birthday to @smalljones, @davidb, and BIlly Sugarfix! All 3 of you are in good company with each other. #
  • Oooh, looks like my Google Calendar just got gears (offline access) too. Finalmente! #
  • Again? Anyway, good news. Retweeting @dcm: Spinal Tap have reformed: #
  • Woke up at 4:30 AM needing to make an org chart. Indulging myself in OmniGraffle now. #
  • @WomenWhoTech Boss’ visit went well, thanks. Always good to connect with colleagues that you don’t see much. Now mulling some Qs raised. #
  • I love you, OmniGraffle. #
  • I’m suprised no-one has made a 3rd-party add-on to Gmail that would allow people to merge contacts. Even at $1 per user you’d make a mint. #
  • @josephrschwartz Thx. I heard it on the radio for real this morn! BTW, I didn’t say the bill “won’t work” but that it won’t matter. 🙂 #
  • @feral_child Actually, Google makes it easy to find and add on all kinds of gadgets for using their tools. eg: #
  • “Hey, let’s start an independent media center!” <– It’s how I met my husband, it works! #nerdpickuplines #
  • Suddenly have a strong desire to be on vacation in London. Not likely to be able to act on it for a long, long time. Sigh. #
  • @bekamop Yes we did, but it only lasted a few yrs. Fortunately, someone else picked up the torch, kinda. #
  • Will Bunch is on Fresh Air right now with his book “Tear Down This Myth.” I think I met him at ConvergeSouth. #
  • I can’t beat that. 🙂 Retweeting @ayse: My milkshake brings all the #taxcuts to the yard. #
  • @chimprawk Alright!! We’re pulling for you and especially C. I know she’s gonna do great. Sending love & support from me & @brianR. #

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