Tweets from 2009-02-28

  • @acarvin Thanks for the heads up, we’re listening to the NPR Twitter segment now on WUNC. #
  • Agreed for a second, but then disappointed to hear that @danielschorr doesn’t also see the *value* in unedited flow of info & opinions. #
  • Richard Burr is such a willful moron. #
  • Have fun at Transparency Camp all you cool folks, esp @mlsif & @valdiskrebs who both teach me lots. With you in spirit… #tcamp09 #
  • @josephrschwartz Sorry to miss yr Saturday shows on @1360wchl. Any chance to hear it online? #
  • @jedmiller I didn’t know you were going to #tcamp09! But I am too close to ‘sploding – gotta stay near the midwives. #
  • Locals: don’t forget dedication of historic marker for 1947 freedom riders in Chapel Hill at noon today. Deets @ #
  • @ericg Are there any folks from *local* governments at #tcamp09? So much potential there… #
  • Nice to see all gazillion of my friends’ screaming kids today, but I’m concerned that they might have been carrying some hostile germs. #
  • MAJOR thanks to my friend Melissa who organized a lovely baby shower for us today! Everyone loved it. I did nothing but am exhausted anyway. #

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