Tweets from 2009-06-22

  • Rtwt @BrianR: Happy Father’s Day! Enjoying my first one. Thinking its time I set up the Linux CLI in the baby’s room… #geekdad #
  • Rtwt @tbeckett: Today I am thankful for the girlfriends, wives & mothers, without whom we lucky men would not be fathers. #
  • I just got a hickie for the first time in many years! Thanks, @IzzySinreich. #
  • ! @freedarko, I gave your book to @BrianR for Father’s Day. We are both digging it so far. #
  • Listening to a podcast (of people I like talking about things I’m interested in) and remembering why I never listen to podcasts. #
  • @dcm Oooh, John Howie on the lawn sounds good. We’ll have to see if @IzzySinreich is up for that… in reply to dcm #
  • ! @neilhimself Awww. Happy father’s day. in reply to neilhimself #

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