Tweets from 2009-02-21

  • @ethanz At least 3 of my friends are tweeting your talk, it must be good (in spite of non-teleporting). Hi, @dcm, @katrinskaya, & @abenamer! #
  • Meanwhile… I am debating whether to get out of bed & eat, or just let the low blood sugar lull me back to sleep. #pregnancy #
  • Retweeting @pink_plaid: @ruby there is one about a clinic in Florida that is all midwives. Many tub births. #
  • UNC 13 – UMd 9, 15:30 in the 1st half, and Woody Durham is only about 1 sec ahead of the TV. Yay! #
  • Um, Time-Warner just burped and is now too far behind Woody. MD is 1 point behind, and 100% of their points are from one player (Vasquez). #
  • @melynng You need to use an application like Thwirl, Twitterific, Tweetgrid, etc. They make the whole experience better. #
  • Damn. UNC & UMd going into overtime now at 76 each. Way to fritter a lead away guys… #basketball #
  • Danny Green fouls out & breaks my heart. 81 all 1:30 left. #unc #basketball #
  • @tbeckett I’ve said all along, this is going to be a march madness baby. Will come out talking like Woody Durham. in reply to tbeckett #
  • Ok, we have 4.2 seconds and need 3 points. #unc #basketball #
  • Carolina loses. Maryland earned it. UNC 85 – UMd 88. 🙁 #

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