Republicans hate democracy and fair play, part eleventy million

So in case you have better things to do than watch #democracy being dismantled by the #NCGOP at unpredictable hours in Raleigh, here is an important #NCpol update:

After closing the emergency #NCGA session for hurricane (and wildfire) relief funding, the Republicans opened a new session in which Democrats are not permitted to submit any bills, and are now proposing surprise legislation to limit the powers of the governor since the people of North Carolina rejected their incompetent leader. They plan to vote TONIGHT.

Please spread the word so they know we see them, and follow these accounts for updates:

Photo credit: Charlotte Observer

1 thought on “Republicans hate democracy and fair play, part eleventy million

  1. If I’m reading Twitter correctly, they convened at 5pm (20 minutes ago) and then immediately adjourned, with the plan to begin again tomorrow. Could they make it any harder for the public to follow their shenanigans?

    I expect another bill to come out of thin air under the pretense that none of the Republicans saw or collaborated on it, and then have it rushed to the governor so lame duck McCrory can sign it before he is booted out of the Governor’s mansion by Roy Cooper.

    Here’s some great reporting by Lisa Sorg on what happened today:

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