Tweets from 2009-02-20

  • Sometimes I scan the obits for interesting baby names. Does that make me a bad person? Today I found Joedan and Estamae. #pregnancy #
  • @msfour Yes. I stopped following her after the election. Too bad, I love her work. in reply to msfour #
  • Ooh. This is a must for pregos. Retweeting @CarrboroCitizen: Carolina BEBES showing “The Business of Being Born” #
  • Wha? Drupal 7 out in late 2009? Isn’t Drupal 6, like, brand new? *head spinning* #
  • @davidb I don’t recommend growing up, actually, so don’t worry about it. 😉 in reply to davidb #
  • @add1sun Yeah in theory, but just upgraded to 6 *yesterday*. Many modules haven’t been updated. in reply to add1sun #
  • @akeenan OMG, going back to PP! -FA or -NYC? I hope it goes well. Let me know if my old job gets re-instated. 😉 in reply to akeenan #
  • Retweeting @FORpeace: Did you know that FOR helped organize the first freedom ride… in 1947? Learn more at #
  • Retweeting @orangepolitics: Chapel Hill gets a historic marker for the first freedom ride: #
  • Baffled by family members who want to give us big stuff but refuse to look @ the registry. Really don’t need 2 of the same stroller, y’all. #
  • Rtwt @tubafrenzy: is open for business! Officially licensed UNC-themed wrestling masks, made in NC! #
  • Of all the bazillion reality shows about pregnancy & birth, how come *none* of them show alternatives to hospital birth? Grr. #

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