Tweets from 2009-01-30

  • @nancyscola I think it depends on what app you use to read Twitter, no? Here’s a test: #
  • @nancyscola Tthe http://www. is not sufficient for Thwirl to recognize a clickable URL, it seems. #
  • @BrianR Seems like the latter. Bad karma, @carrboro. #
  • Just had another hereletmegooglethatforyou moment. Someone asked how to tell who has edited our WIkipedia page. #
  • @msfour Girl, I have plantar fasciitis, too! Get thee to some Danskos!!! Also suprisingly this helps a lot w/ the pain: #
  • The Obameter tracks follow-up on Presidential camapign prominses. Pretty cool. #
  • I was having such a productive day and now I’m just sitting around waiting for e-mails so I can continue. If I start somethign else, the … #
  • I just know if I start to work on something else, a colleague will e-mail me the reply/info I’ve been waiting on… #
  • Rtwt @HeatherLaGarde @qburns & @WFMU: Steinski remix of the Rev. Lowery Inauguration benediction: / #
  • Wow, really? Retweeting @hc: pajamas puts its conservative ad network to sleep. #

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