Tweets from 2009-04-03

  • Midwife tied a sheet around my belly – tight! – and said it’s time to buy some castor oil. Holding off the other midwives who want to induce #
  • Thanks @noneck! I doubt I’ll be tweeting when active labor starts, but while I’m in marathon early labor there’s not much else to do. #
  • @nlargent Thanks, Nancy and right back atcha! Hope pregnancy is treating you well. in reply to nlargent #
  • Note to people who don’t want to hear me grunting during a contraction: stop calling every day to see if I’m still pregnant. Thx. #
  • Also: cats make decent little mini-doulas, for the money. #
  • @ludovicspeaks Yes, pestering by Twitter is preferable. Plus if you read it, you’ll already KNOW whether I’m still pregnant. 😉 in reply to ludovicspeaks #

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