Tweets from 2009-01-29

  • To the landscaping company that decided 7:45 am was a good time to fire up the leaf blowers outside our window: fuck you, too. #
  • @Chad_A_Johnston Cam Hill tried to pass a law limiting gas-powered blowers in Chapel Hill but everyone laughed. But he was right. #
  • Was all ready to blame leaf blowers for everything shitty today. Nutritionist sez I can blame them for my high glucose, too! #
  • Nutritionist also sez I should eat MORE, esp more fat! Where can I get some whole wheat donuts? #
  • @msfour Mmm, milkshakes are a good idea. I think I’ll go to Elmo’s soon… #
  • Hey. My Gmail (for domains) interface just changed before my eyes! But I still don’t have themes. & Goog Cal gadget hasn’t worked for days. #
  • Rtwt @nerdette: RT @advodude: A Black woman earns $.67 for every $1 a white man earns, while her Hispanic sister earns only $.56. #fairpay #
  • Ah! My Gmail (for domain) just got Gears. Finalmente! Now when will I have the awesome power to merge 2 contacts into 1 record? #
  • @RobCottingham My Gmail for domains already had widgets. In fact, they’ve already been around long enough to break. :-\ #
  • Ashamed to say I don’t own Miles’ “Kind of Blue” but realizing I need it, stat! Debating MP3s for $10 or CD for $7. #
  • @asmartbear It’s like a blog entry with a permalink. You can still unpublish it and break links to it. But it’s hard to delete Tweets now. #
  • @asmartbear Dunno, I never shop at iTunes (as a rule). Didn’t even think to look there… #
  • Retweeting @andrew_dunn: #Blagojevich impeached 40-0. #
  • @ElisaC He might be the only one. 😉 #
  • Stephen Colbert’s interview w/ Paul McCartney was really funny! #

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