Tweets from 2009-01-28

  • @nancyscola I think it’s against that rule called “good taste.” #
  • Just got lectured by postman for not checking my mailbox often enough. Then I delivered another misdirected-by-him letter to my neighbor. #
  • Scroll to the bottom of Errol Morris’ NYT blog to see some amazing pictures of a very sad Bush after his final press conf: #
  • @ayse I actually thought the blog entry itself was just OK – not particularly revelatory. But I had never seen Sad Bush! #
  • Retweeting @FORpeace: Iranians for Peace address President Obama… #
  • For those that don’t hate my #basketball tweets, check out @crashthedance & (Via @tubafrenzy, who should know.) #
  • I just read in my organization’s semiannual newsletter that I am based in Winston-Salem, NC. News to me. #
  • @ayse I know! It’s as if I lived smack dab in the center of Chapel Hill or something. #
  • @susanmernit Why not subscribe to Google from Outlook (via IMAP & ICAL) and then sync B’berry & Outloook? #
  • @kanter, I just want to say that you are full of win and good karma. That’s all. 🙂 #
  • Watching the last seconds of Wake v. Duke (VERY CLOSE) while UNC starts very slowly against FSU on TV. #
  • Wake (4) beat Dook (1) 70-68. Yay! #basketball #acc #
  • @pink_plaid Aww, I lurve Banh’s Wednesday vegetarian special. in reply to pink_plaid #
  • Hey cool! Carolina remembered how to play! Leads FSU 37-32 with 2 min left in 2st half. #basketball. #
  • @ericagee Don’t worry about the kitten. It can take a long time to adjust to new surroundings. Just make it safe & cozy and wait. in reply to ericagee #
  • Halftime: UNC 46 – FSU 35. Thanks for Danny Green & Ed Davis & Wayne Ellington. Hansbrough can stay on the bench with his fouls. #basketball #
  • @agenthandy 😉 Also a woman who has adopted a scared few kittens in her day. All a learning experience… in reply to agenthandy #
  • Crap! 3rd & 4th fouls just called onDanny Greene! #basketball #
  • Oh whew, Greene only has 3 fouls/ #UNC #basketball #
  • FSU has caught up and now leads UNC 66-63 w/ 7 minutes left. Very competitive game, a little wild w/ the ball flying everywhere. #basketball #
  • Tied @ 69. B.S. foul call makes 4 on Hansbrough! #UNC #basketball #
  • FSU fans are being told not to throw crap out on the court. WTF? UNC 74 – FSU 75, 2 minutes. #basketball #
  • In 3.2 seconds Ty Lawson took the ball all the way down the court and made the winning 3pt basket!!!! UNC beats FSU 80-77. #basketball #

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