Tweets from 2009-01-27

  • Retweeting @monicarolevans: @carrborocowork is getting a shoutout on NPR! woohoo! @Brianr #
  • @ggreeneva Yeah, well I don’t like him either. Juan Williams can #suckit. #
  • Bummed to be missing both She’s Geeky and Fem 2.0 conferences this month. But I am busy doing the one thing only women can do… #
  • @marshallk Hey did you get married already? If so, congrats! I knew you were engaged… #
  • @msfour Uh yeah. “Man” isn’t a very good word for someone with a functioning (and in-use) uterus. Labels fail us again. #
  • I think about 25% of my e-mail inbox would be eliminated if people would learn to ask Teh F-ing Google before asking me. #
  • @SethJacobson Not in a delivery room right now, but I hope to be in about 2 months. Whether or not I tweet it, @BrianR probably will. #
  • @ayse Bwa ha ha. Perfect. A little too snarky to use at work, unfortunately. #
  • @BrianR I don’t imagine Rep. David Price takes a lot of advice from Rep. Virginia Foxx. She doesn’t represent the reality-bsed community. #
  • OW. A woman gave birth (by C-section) to EIGHT babies yesterday. They were at 31 weeks gestation, which is how far along I am now. #
  • @sonnycloward No, because (for me, at least) Facebook is a more private audience while Twitter is open & public. #

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