Tweets from 2009-01-26

  • Good morning. 50 new e-mails in my inbox! Is everyone else working on the weekend? #
  • @pattychasevan It goes without saying that “home playing with kittens” is better than almost anything else one could be doing. #
  • @smalljones, has there been more than one President Clinton? Isn’t “first” redundant? #
  • Hey why didn’t Nancy Pelosi tell me that babies cost money *before* I got knocked up? See @wonkette: #
  • Retweeting @FORpeace: Ever wonder or hear the question “Why don’t Palestinians use nonviolence?” Blog abt Gaza, NV & MLK: #
  • w00t! Retweeting @BrianR: OMG! @carrborocowork will be on Marketplace tomorrow morning! #media #coworking #
  • It’s really amazing all the things that Google can do, and yet you can’t merge contact records in Gmail or Google Apps. #
  • Here are pictures of my black 2000 Honda Civic DX hatchback, which is for sale for $5,000! #

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