Tweets from 2009-01-07

  • Retweeting @kanter: social networking analysis primer others? #
  • @kanter BTW, here are my bookmarks on social network analysis if you’re looking for more: in reply to kanter #
  • I feel like I am always explaining to my colleagues why they can’t or shouldn’t do certain things. I don’t want to be all negative nelly… #
  • @tarheelcoxn Aren’t state salaries public information? in reply to tarheelcoxn #
  • @tbeckett I try to point out the need for *strategy* rather than simply being reactionary, but I work w/ a bunch of dreamers. (Who I love.) in reply to tbeckett #
  • @shauenv I figured you would understand what I was talking about. 😉 in reply to shauenv #
  • @davidb Suddenly, I *really* want to see Tin Tin… in reply to davidb #
  • @ryan_thornburg Drupal can be pretty moody sometimes. #
  • @katuah Hmm, a different but similar principle, I think. in reply to katuah #
  • @Katrinskaya If you love your body, put on some Danskos like smart woman. 🙂 in reply to Katrinskaya #
  • That sucks! Way to screw users. Retweeting @Pam_Spaulding: – Soapblox is dead; status of data is unknown right now. #
  • What a total party foul. SoapBlox hosts tons of political blog communities, now they just go down and say tough shit to thousands of users? #
  • I hope SoapBlox users will strongly consider moving to open source platforms like drupal & wordpress for better longevity in the future. #
  • @randomdeanna The real is key is developers writing some tools to import SoapBlox content into open source platforms. Anyone on the case? in reply to randomdeanna #
  • Big rainbow right outside my window! Looking northeast in central Chapel Hill. #
  • I might not be tweeting the UNC basketball game as much tonight b/c I will *be there* thanks to @mistersugar. w00t! Hope I can stay awake. ; #
  • It’s funny being here at the Dean Dome where I can *see* Woody Durham (who I usually listen to during games), but now I can’t *hear* him. #
  • UNC should be leading by way more than 3 points, 10 minutes into 1st half. #
  • UNC 53, College of Charleston 41 at halftime. Things are starting to gel… #
  • Funniest foul ever! #
  • Carolina’s ahead 92-56 with 7:34 to go… And the loyal fans are heading for the exits. I’m wondering if my ticket will = a biscuit tomo … #
  • Biscuits! #
  • UNC beats College of Charleston 108-70. Whew. 😉 #

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