Tweets from 2009-01-06

  • UNC’s women’s basketball team now outranks the men’s team (#2 v. #3), and yet has had NO televised games. Where’s the love? #
  • After watching 3 healthy deliveries in childbirth prep class, I had my 1st pregnancy anxiety dream last night. Not feeling bothered tho. #
  • @msfour I now have RTM on both sides in Gmail. Trying to decide which I prefer. (left=compact Google gadget, right=fuller Firefox plugin) in reply to msfour #
  • @Katrinskaya Try reinstalling the gadget or plug-in? Mine never went anywhere. See: in reply to Katrinskaya #
  • Retweeting @davidb: watching some of the real Frost Nixon interview clips on youtube #
  • Retweeting @MomsRising: I Love Seeing Babies at Work!: Envisioning and embracing culture change that enables… #
  • I have very mixed feelings about trying to blend working & parenting (simultaneously). But will probably experiment with it this Spring… #
  • @JasonBarnett Cool. But being self-employed is a bit different from working a full-time job (whether at home or office). in reply to JasonBarnett #
  • Note to relative (who sometimes reads Twitter): Yes we got yr package. No we didn’t stop everything to tell you. Thx for the 3 msgs this AM! #
  • Retweeting @blogdiva: mark your calendars peeps : FEMINISM 2.0 on February 2nd #
  • @Mlsif I wonder how long Stoller will last in Congress before he pisses off too many of the wrong people. in reply to Mlsif #
  • Anyone have suggestions for how to tell a professional designer that their work for you, um, makes your eyes hurt? #
  • Oh shit. Get well, Kay! Retweeting @sergiotovar: I hate N.C. State, but I really feel for Kay Yow… God bless! #
  • Ug, I narrowly failed the screening for gestational diabetes so now I have to do the horrible fasting & 3-hr version of the test 😛 #
  • TV doctor for surgeon general? Clearly Obama is testing us with crappier & crappier apointments. Via @wonkette #
  • As @wonkete said about Obama appointments last week: “No Clinton left behind.” Dr. Gupta worked for HRC in the late 90’s. #
  • Handy links on theming from today’s NC #drupal meetup #

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