Tweets from 2009-01-08

  • Glucose tolerance test now underway. Hungry & thirsty & all sugared up. #
  • Reading in AlterNet about Rick Warren’s oft-lauded AIDS work in Africa: burning condoms, abstinence only, arresting gays. Real effective. #
  • Finally home. Eating, drinking, and nursing my trackmarks. #
  • @benstock What are you talking about? in reply to benstock #
  • Pretty awesome. Thanks. Retweeting @HoboZero: That is all. #
  • Retweeting @MandianaJones: a study that found when whites witness racism, they may be more racist than they thought. #
  • NPR: a study shows that it’s not good for babies to be removed by C-section before their due dates. No shit! Why do so many Dr’s do it? #
  • @busymommaval Not when they know the due date, but elect to do it early b/c it’s more convenient. @RobertP Not less risk to baby! in reply to busymommaval #
  • I get so mad when I think of the unneccesary C-sections in this country. We have gone from something like 5% to almost 30% getting them now. #
  • Not that some C-sections aren’t medically necessary, but MOST are not! #
  • @Catchatorie Thanks, I just heard about it ( at childbithing class this week and wanted to check it out! in reply to Catchatorie #
  • I just tried to sign up for notification of a PRODUCT I want to BUY on two different websites, and was foiled by malfunctioning flash forms. #
  • Pardon the consumerist moment, but this is the phone I’ve been waiting on: #
  • Although… all I really want is a faster Treo 680 with wifi. Don’t want a faux iPhone. #

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