Perpetual basketball calendar

UNC Can you smell it? Carolina Basketball season is almost here!

I have done my annual slogging through the schedule to create a calendar that I can put into iCal and my phone, and I did it in Google so that you can use it too. There are a few other UNC basketball calendars out there, but none of them have the women’s team. Mine is the only one with both the men and women’s calendars. I add each season to the same calendar, so you only have to subscribe once and will get the dates automatically year after year.

Here are some ways you can subscribe (or you can browse the schedule below): XML, ICAL, HTML, or Google.


7 thoughts on “Perpetual basketball calendar

  1. Thanks. I’d consider splitting the media shows out (I just added them last week), but I want to ensure that folks who follow the men are also aware of the women’s team.

  2. Just added 2009-10! Used ā™€ and ā™‚ for women’s and men’s games respectively. Google _seems_ to have added sports calendars, but theirs don’t have any dates in them!

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