Tweets from 2009-01-05

  • @msfour I have to admit: the Honda Fit is my dream car. Just wish there were more *used* ones available… in reply to msfour #
  • Turning off my vacation autresponder is the saddest thing. Sigh. #
  • @UNC_Chapel_Hill My friends and I watched all but the last 15 minutes of the game on New Year’s Eve. in reply to UNC_Chapel_Hill #
  • Kid busted with over 20 lbs of pot & hash 3 doors down from me! Clearly I am not getting invited to the right parties. #
  • Funny – just realizing that I wouldn’t have batted an eye at a big drug bust in my old neighborhood. Don’t expect it in sleepy townhouses. #
  • @MeEloise & @Katrinskaya, you may not know each other but you just made a funny together: in reply to MeEloise #
  • Turning off e-mail notification of new followers (which I never read anyway). I do read all messages @ me, though. #
  • @suzboop I think Twitter spam has really increased in recent weeks, so no you’re not paranoid. in reply to suzboop #
  • @swirlspice Hey, Erica. 🙂 in reply to swirlspice #
  • Whoops almost forgot to drink the glucose stuff before prenatal appt. This is a test I *really* don’t want to fail. #
  • @brianr and I are headed to our first birthing class tonight! in reply to BrianR #

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