Tweets from 2009-01-04

  • @msfour Yes, *that* ex-boyfriend from PA. Apprently he & wife (& other folks we know) were at same beach as us all week! in reply to msfour #
  • Looking forward to the first ACC conference game and wondering if we’ll win by more than 20 points or less. #UNC #basketball #
  • @tuckcomatus Yes, you know some of us don’t have the resources or energy to get to the games in person. 😉 Will look for you on the toob. in reply to tuckcomatus #
  • @davidb The sooner you accept that UNC is your basketball savior, the sooner you can bask in the light. Admit your sin! in reply to davidb #
  • Sad to see Bill Richardson resigning before being appointed. Whiff of a NM scandal. I still think he would rock as Secty of State. #
  • UNC 40, BC 46 at halftime. Nice to finally watch a competitive basketball game. *Now* I have a reason to cheer my team on. Go heels! #
  • Wow, UNC trails by 11 with 5:30 to go! #
  • Retweeting @UNCStats: Game Update: Boston College 78, North Carolina 71 (3:59 2nd half) Lead is 5.1% safe #
  • Well, I got that close game I wanted. Congrats to Boston College on winning 85-78. #UNC #basketball #
  • @RobCottingham Actually, I think relentless is exactly what I fear most about being a parent. in reply to RobCottingham #
  • @pattychasevan I use Carrboro Plaza for many yrs & have been about 75% satisfed. It’s weird that there aren’t better vets around here. in reply to pattychasevan #
  • @smalljones I don’t regret my desire for a close game. At least now UNC can take the target off their backs and just play good basketball. in reply to smalljones #

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