Tweets from 2008-03-31

  • My current thinking & resources about network-centric advocacy (ie: what makes networks/movements work) @ #
  • @tbeckett From what little I saw, they seemed to be doing a good job at Camp Wellstone. Spotted Harry Taylor (for Congress) there. #
  • Today is the day for Women Who Tech! #
  • Just realized that I needed to register for the other WomenWhoTech sessions besides the one I’m moderating. All are full now. #
  • Maybe I will #GSD today after all! #
  • @tbeckett awww, crap. I know some good lawyers… #
  • Getting ready for #WomenWhoTech session on online campaigns! Call in:866-740-1260. Access code for both: 3979222. #
  • Thanks, @silverbell & @rosevines! It went by quickly but we got a lot in. Just wish I had time to plan things that well. #wwt #womenwhotech #
  • Going to #GSD during this next round of #WWT so I can participate at 2:45. #
  • Checking out all the fun things you can do with your data. #
  • @Katrinskaya I agree! "Assertion: Twitter is helping women develop weak ties, bridging capital. What do you think? #WWT" #
  • Hey #WomenWhotech, 2 amazing sessions are coming up @ 2:45. Check out MIchelle & open source software or Madeline & e-mail marketing. #
  • @annaliese_h it’s called "Firing Up Your Online List" but now I don’t see her name on it. I may have been confused… #wwt #
  • @WWT I’m not crazy, I copied an earlier description that listed Madeline but she’s not on the web site anymore. Maybe it changed? #
  • @rikomatic w00t! Rhymenocerous vs. Hip-hop-apotamus! #
  • @WWT I’m getting a busy signal. Is there an alt phone number? #
  • @WWT nevermind, I’m in. #
  • Signing up at thanks to @WWT. #
  • @tracyjoan I’ve been enjoying the His Dark Materials trilogy a lot. It’s just fun reading. #
  • I thought I was following @rosevines but I never get her tweets. 🙁 What gives? #
  • @rosevines I just got your reply! Which makes the rest of it even weirder. Hm… #
  • @dcm thanks. I’ll try re-following @rosevines. #
  • How I be this tired and it’s only Monday? Thanks for tweeting the #wwt session on web 2.0, @rosevines. Yr now coming thru lound & clear. 🙂 #

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