Tweets from 2008-04-01

  • @gcorrin Try IKEA for urban/compact furniture. #
  • Damn. Just found out the #UNC women lost tonight. (Wasn’t televised.) No Final Four for the Lady Tarheels. 🙁 #ncaa #basketball #
  • @msfour Good morning, Joan! 😉 #
  • @msfour Good night, Joan! 😉 #
  • @rosevines Sounds like it was a tough crowd, too. Sorry to see my girls go down, but they had a great year. #unc #ncaa #basketball #
  • Afraid to buy the new Gnarls Barkley album lest it get too popular. #
  • @suzboop I’m so excited that you are talking to Congress today about #SecondLife! Let us know how it goes. #
  • Finally had to look it up. I <3 memes. It’s the network talking. #
  • @dbarger Great list! Do I smell a living room sci-fi film festival? 😉 #
  • Every day that passes without John Edwards making an endorsement makes me care less and less about what he ends up saying. Too calculated. #
  • @arsepoetica problem is, the longer he waits, the less I care, and it won’t matter what the strategy is. Edwards is becoming irrelevant. #
  • @RobertP After all the railing against Clinton when he was a candidate, there is no way Edwards could be unclear now, unless he was BS-ing. #
  • @RobertP @arsepoetica @jreesnc I just don’t *trust* Edwards anymore. That’s why I don’t care what he might say. #
  • @dcm for that matter, he hardly even helped NC! Pretty much left us at the altar. #
  • @RobertP I heard Edwards criticize Obama, but if he seriously attacked him he must have done it real-quiet-like. #
  • Amen @BrianR! If Dems don’t want to represent us, we’ll go elsewhere. (After we elect Obama.) #
  • There are a bunch of funny jokes/features in Google Apps today. #
  • @ntenhross Are you having an NTC wrap-up call? Is someone else? #08ntc #
  • @rachelannyes Thanks! Maybe I can promote it to our Bay Area supporters. #
  • Thanks @peterscampbell. Retweet: "Oneworld has a call tomorrow discussing tools and trends from NTC –" #nptech #08ntc #
  • So what’s the meeting scheduler-wizard-thingy of choice for the hip nonprofits these days? Used at the old job. #
  • @pearlbear I know you can link to a google doc from another doc (if they are in the same domain). Not sure about spreadsheet/data references #
  • re: meeting scheduling, so far I have 2 votes for, 1 for meetingwizard, and a beta vote for #
  • Retweeting @hillaryclinton: "I challenge Senator Obama to a bowl-off, winner takes all." OK, she got a sense of humor! #

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