Tweets from 2008-03-28

  • Blocking a bunch of junk tweeters like rudygiuliani32 and denniskucinich4. What is the point of that crap? #
  • My thoughts are with you, @RobertP. Take care. #
  • @arsepoetica I think another of our future dates should be you and me w/laptops sharing MP3s. Need to make more room on my HD. #
  • Hey twits, any suggestions for how to archive all of these HTML pages at once? #
  • According to @msfour’s doctor, allergies were bound to happen as I’ve lived in NC for something like 28 years now. Hmm… #
  • Hey #opensource nrrrds, what is your favorite alternative to Dreamwaver? Someone told me about ‘something studio’ but I can’t find/remember. #
  • Hey @missrogue & @factoryjoe, say hi to my friend @smalljones (Paul Jones) – he is at the same MS thing as y’all! Enjoy the tour… #
  • @agenthandy I can’t comment on that photo. Not very #net2. 🙁 #
  • Amazing. I just spent nearly 90 minutes in #SecondLife and it didn’t crash a single time! #
  • @agenthandy No I mean she has comments turned off except for friends. And no CC license. Boo. #
  • Grrr. My org needs an IT staff! #
  • Another beautiful day ruined by noisy landscaping machinery. *window closed* #
  • Welcome to the land of Twits, @mathewgross! 🙂 #
  • @juliakm Sending good karma to your files… #
  • @blogdiva oh shit, that sucks! Take some deep breaths. Everything will get worked out. Take your time. Peace. #
  • @levjoy I am worrying more & more about you. First AIPAC, now FOX… 😉 #
  • @jreesnc I know! We thought Cam was kinda crazy then, but in our new neighborhood I am totally seeing his point. Ban leafblowers! #
  • Fixin’ to move this operation outside. It’s 80 degrees out! #
  • @smalljones Times are truly desperate if you are looking forward to DFW. Hope your travel goes as well as possible. #
  • Feeling quite pleased about this whole Friday-stop-working thing. Gonna have to check that out. #
  • @pearlbear it’s an obscure custom. You should try it! #GSDby5 #
  • @dcm dunno, but we are frequently immobilized by food discussions as well. Thinking of Panzalella’s patio tonight… #
  • The application called "SuperDuper" is, well, not. #
  • @baratunde you’re right of course. Meanwhile use this: #flickr #
  • We are going to no less than 4 parties at friends’ houses this weekend! 3 are birthdays & 1 visiting friend. Plus my mom & Camp Wellstone. #

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