They got good drugs at the RNC

I’m listening to this NPR program
On Point, which is talking to delegates at the RNC. Those people must have found a great ‘connection’ up there in the city! They are living in a complete fantasy world. They have mutual hallucinations about a “silent majority” who is going to elect Bush. One woman started to say those mean Democrats are always attacking, the host had to interrupt and ask if she’d seen the DNC. Obviously that was out of range of her tunnel vision.

One very disturbing thing I am hearing over and over is “President Bush is decisive… he won’t change his mind… you know where stands.” You know who else people said they knew where he stood? That would be the formerly extremely senior, extremely hateful “Senator No”
Jesse Helms. The man is an international symbol of hate and ignorance. He will forever be a blemish on North Carolina’s political history.

But even more bizarre, I have to wonder how any thinking adult could say about the most secretive presidential administration since at least Nixon (who resigned as as a result of his lies)
that you know where he stands. You don’t know a thing!

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