The President will address his faithful supporters tonight. There are so many possible reactions a thoughtful Ameeican might have to this. Hiding, crying, screaming, and throwing up come immediately to my mind. Al Franken suggests we share a collective “fuggeddaboutit” [or insert-regional-colloquialism-here] just before Bush speaks. Then shut up and listen to the cute wooden puppet speak. I’m trying to figure out what we should say to dismiss him in North Carolina, maybe “when pigs fly” or “how ’bout the weather?” I’d really like to raise my hand and say “brick wall” like you can do in high school.

Speaking of North Carolina, if you’ve got to the time head over to Republican headquarters in Raleigh and show them what you think in person. Here’s the info I got by e-mail (can’t find a website):


Thursday September 2nd at 6:30 at the NC State Bell Tower on Hillsborough

March on the Republican Headquarters in Raleigh!

This Thursday, George Bush will again accept the nomination for President
from the Republican Party and we will be in the streets to fight the GOP
agenda. The Bush plan is bad for workers, students, poor people,
soldiers, women, people of color, citizens of the world, the environment,
teachers, parents…just about everybody really. Come join us and bring
your energy, your signs, your friends, and everything else you’ve got to
let the world know that you stand against the murderous Bush regime!

Pass it on!

Ad Hoc Committee Against Bush. For more info, call Jack at 919-490-4609.

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