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Diverse communities are strong communities

Last week I was proud to represent Drupal Diversity and Inclusion at DrupalGovCon. Along with Dori Kelner, I co-presented a session to help people understand the challenges we face as a community and what DDI is doing about it.

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Drupal is crazy

Let’s do Drupal!

Following up on the very basic intro to Drupal class I created and taught for Girl Develop It RDU in the spring, I am now offering a half-day workshop for beginners who actually want to start getting their hands dirty using Drupal. The class is this weekend and we still have a lot of spaces …

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New media and the civil rights movement

Cross-posted at Last week I had the immense pleasure of attending and participating in “The Unfinished Work”: Advancing New Strategies in the Struggle for Civil Rights a conference honoring civil rights pioneer Julius Chambers. The event was attended by several generations of leaders including many former staffers from the NAACPs Legal Defense Fund (one …

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Delivering more than an RFP

[HASTAC site map]UPDATE: Download the RFP as a PDF (5 MB).

I feel a little like I just gave birth to another baby, but thank goodness it took less than 9 months to gestate and was a lot less painful to deliver!

Less than one year after starting my job at HASTAC and almost immediately overseeing the re-launch of (that I didn’t help create) I realized that our site would have to be re-built entirely from scratch. I spent this summer working with my colleagues to create a clearer vision and a plan for a complete overhaul of the site. Here’s the request for proposals: I’m really proud of this document as it shows a solid foundation, a forward-thinking vision, and a practical strategy for how to make best use of our great ideas, the Drupal platform, and a brilliant and engaged community of members.

My boss Cathy Davidson is a deep and complex thinker. Here’s some of what she had to say about the RFP on her blog today…

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So you wanna start a local politics blog

In my continuing series of turning advice e-mails into blog posts. I recently received this request: I’m working on setting up a local-politics site for my area of the world. I was wondering if you had any words of wisdom on launching a local-politics site. What challenges have you encountered? What good/bad decisions have you …

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Tufte Talk

I spent yesterday at a class by information design guru Edward Tufte. The guy is brilliant, I recommend checking out his website if you’re interested in learning about effective quantitiative communication or especially in presentations.

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GTD + Basecamp = ???

I am trying to use this trendy, new-ish organizational methodology called Getting Things Done (GTD). It’s been growing in popularity among geeks that I respect. I first discovered it through 43 Folders, a really great site for Macintosh and GTD geeks. For the past 6 months, I have also been using a web-based tool called …

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Over there

I have been having fun blogging over at the Reform the Patriot Act Blog. Yesterday I wrote about bloggers’ reactions to the current FBI “counter-terrorism” investigation of the ACLU as well as Greenpeace, MoveOn and other groups. Today I am looking at how librarians are reacting to the invasion of their patrons’ privacy. Please check …

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Blog the PATRIOT Act! I’m happy to announce that the consulting project I’ve been working on for the past 2 weeks is almost complete and I can finally show off the fruits of my labor! And it’s about time the because the reauthorization is now racing through congress and there are some very bad changes to it that need to be stopped!

I have been working with the ACLU to encourage bloggers to write about reforming the Patriot Act and to advise them on creation of the Reform the Patriot Act Blog. Please check out some of the cool stuff we put together. This page for bloggers features RSS feeds, technorati tags, graphics, and a list of the many helpful documents and presentations that have been developed by the ACLU.

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