Blog the PATRIOT Act! I’m happy to announce that the consulting project I’ve been working on for the past 2 weeks is almost complete and I can finally show off the fruits of my labor! And it’s about time the because the reauthorization is now racing through congress and there are some very bad changes to it that need to be stopped!

I have been working with the ACLU to encourage bloggers to write about reforming the Patriot Act and to advise them on creation of the Reform the Patriot Act Blog. Please check out some of the cool stuff we put together. This page for bloggers features RSS feeds, technorati tags, graphics, and a list of the many helpful documents and presentations that have been developed by the ACLU.
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<i class="fas fa-"></i>The fine folks who started have decided that they cannot maintain the site, and I have offerred to host it here at .

Soon I hope to receive the files from Kathy and Carnet and start re-building the site.

Meanwhile, here is a post and discussion Announcing the launch of (

And here is some more thinking about Non-profits and Blogging (