Letter to Google

I just sent the following message to mobile-support@google.com .

I love the new mobile-friendly homepage. However, I think it has one big mistake that could easily rectified.

I use a Treo 600, which runs at slow dial-up speed, so every click has a real time cost to me. On your mobile home page, you have removed the search form and make us click another link to see it. The search form doesn’t take long to load, but the the homepage itself does. This is a real disincentive to using the homepage since it basically puts the user farther away from the frequently-used search form.

I’d recommend that you simply put the form at the top of the personalized homepage. As an alternative, I will probably bookmark the search page so I can start there, and then use the link back to the homepage when I need it.

Thanks for all the cool stuff you do!

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