Tweets from 2009-08-03

  • My cat is 16 human years old. Old enough to drive. But apparently not old enough to be trusted not to pee in the house like a baby. #
  • @nikitaprice Thanks. Who the hell are you? #wrongruby in reply to nikitaprice #
  • Getting some good advice
    as I try to figure out how to use my 5 min at #
  • @Deplanetart Who are you and how did you get in my room? #wrongruby in reply to Deplanetart #
  • Just got an awesome b-day gift for @BrianR: 4th row tix for Sun Ra Ark. & Mingus Big Band at Dook. #jazz #spaceistheplace #
  • @WeaverStreet If you have any Greek Macaroni Salad left, take if off the shelves. Something in it tastes very wrong, maybe the feta. Ech. #
  • When I agreed to do a presentation at @IgniteRaleigh, I didn’t know my son would be crying all day when I tried to prepare it. #parenting #
  • Good idea, but I also want a NPBarCamp. Rtwt @philklein: what if we did a TEDx for nonprofits on the day after NetSquared or NTC? #nptech #
  • RT @EthanZ: God help Mohammed Ali Abtahi. The photos of him on trial in Tehran are striking, and heartbreaking. #
  • @susanorlean Of course the lyric is “four *dead* in Ohio…” referring to Kent State shootings. I’m sure you’re having a better time, tho. in reply to susanorlean #

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