Tweets from 2009-07-17

  • Trying to rectify my undercaffeinated, hungry, & underawake state before a 10 am meeting. #
  • Rtwt @luckywhitegirl: Chipotle’s PR scam Call on Chipotle to stand up 4 FL farmwrkrs. #FoodInc #
  • Have now been on the phone for over an hour with Sprint trying to get them to *sell* me an F-ing Airave. Wish I could buy it at the store. #
  • I love that Pat Buchanan is trending on Twitter after an especially racist & ignorant performance on @Maddow. Time to let him go, MSNBC. #
  • @pink_plaid I could have told you that. Step away from the remote… in reply to pink_plaid #

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