Tweets from 2009-07-18

  • 4 hours of child care so I can work, but no coffee in the house! Wish me luck. #
  • The reality-based Whitehouse. RT @whitehouse: Vivek Kundra & IT Dashboard, FTW: #
  • Been trying to use @packagetrackr on my Pre and Mac. It’s so *almost* awesome. But in fact, it just doesn’t work. #
  • OK, I take it back, @packagetrackr mostly works. I like that I can use iPhone-designed webapp on my Pre. Not as easy as @trackthis yet. #
  • Looks good. Rtwt @tjstankus: @ruby Maybe @packagetrack will work for you? Developer @renprovey is a local. #
  • @precentral I watched one on YouTube earlier and it was horrible. Quite a turnoff, and nothing to do with what the Pre does. in reply to precentral #
  • Rtwt @smalljones: Looking for videos, photos & other references to John Cage & mushrooms (in particular to his Mushroom Book) #
  • Rtwt @IzzySinreich: I can haz toes! #

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