Tweets from 2009-07-13

  • @trixietracker Is everything OK? I haven’t been able to load the aite for a couple of hours. #
  • @chillnc It’s all good now. Site wouldn’t load on my phone from approx 6 am to 9 am. (Other web pages worked fine.) in reply to chillnc #
  • Rtwt @jpom: Dear Ellis Island: records not downloadable & can buy only on paper? Srsly? You admitted my ancestors, so thx, but now bite me. #
  • RT @floatingleft: (Drupal) being redesigned for $18m by @Smartronix?! petition for transparency RT to sign #
  • w00t! RT @mkleinschmidt: I’m looking forward to the drive to Hillsborough tomorrow to file for Mayor of Chapel Hill. #
  • Finally finished reading Fables vol. 11. It took me months to do, while reading almost nothing else but parts of baby books. #parenthood #
  • @tbeckett I got hooked on Fables by the same person who intro’d me to Sandman (fave comic evar). BTW, hi & congrats tonite, @neilhimself! in reply to tbeckett #
  • @Lorika13 Red wedding dress would rock. I think it’s the traditional wedding color in China. Mine was silver. Not too into virginal white. in reply to Lorika13 #

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