Tweets from 2009-03-26

  • @ayse Oh no they di-int ask if you had to consult your male partner for b-ball picks! They obv don’t know what a bad idea that would be. 😉 #
  • @wayfwd Of course I know @Jerimee, that’s how I found out about A new way forward. in reply to wayfwd #
  • @hollybeee Ouch. I hope it works! #
  • Rtwt @kursich: RT: @MyNC Working on a story about a plan to change NC law to allow Sunday liquor sales. Vote in our poll #
  • Thanks for sharing, Holly! Rtwt @ntenhross: Slides and commentary from the #npocloud event yesterday: #nptech #
  • I don’t know why Twitter didn’t try paid “pro” accounts ages ago. Sounds like now they are: via @seskali #
  • Rtwt @Pam_Spaulding: is sorry to hear about the passing of John Hope Franklin. #
  • @trikegirl If that’s true, we should meet there fir dinner sometime. I love Patio Loco, although they were so inconsistent… in reply to trikegirl #
  • I’m supposed to have a burst of energy here at the end of #pregnancy, but instead am so sleepy. Probably from being so sedentary. #

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