Tweets from 2009-03-25

  • Woke up at 2:30. Can’t get back to sleep. Not happy. Wish I could wake up @brianr and make him rub my back. Will try eating. #
  • Rtwt @acarvin: @ntenhross: NPS need to share more & eval more if they’re to weather econ crisis. Cloud computing can help. #npocloud #nptech #
  • Rtwt @acarvin: @ntenhross: cloud computing can’t help change cultures of NPO’s, though. You have to get over it yourself. #npocloud #nptech #
  • That last bit from @ntenhross is the nut I think. Cultural change needs to accompany technological change or they both fail. #nptech #
  • Happy Ada Lovelace Day! #ALD09 #
  • Hey @FindingAda, was Ada the inspiration for young woman in the Tom Stoppard play Arcadia? #
  • @msfour It’s not YouTube but this is still my favorite dance video: in reply to msfour #
  • In honor of Ada Lovelace Day: props to Terry Grunwald! 18 yrs ago she started NCexChange to help NC #NPtech, gave me a start in 96. #ALD09 #

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