Tweets from 2009-03-27

  • Rtwt @jaketapper: go here to submit q’s or vote – #
  • Rtwt @Mlsif: Preview of Obama’s 11:30 live online townhall: We’ll be liveblogging it at #
  • Anyone have advice for responding to #LinkedIn requests from folks to whom you are professionally connected but wouldn’t recommend? Awkward! #
  • Rtwt @Mlsif: Fr @nancyscola: “Mary Jane Rule” of Web 2.0: In any truly open forum, a Q about the legal status of pot will rise to the top.” #
  • When it comes down to it, I think #UNChospital is even more obnoxiously user-unfriendly than my insurance co. #UnitedHealthCare. #
  • Great news, my midwife & birth center IS in-network! (My insurance company is just confused. But not as much as the hospital is.) #
  • A step in the right direction! Rtwt @marshallk: Google Implements New Open Standard for Friends Lists #
  • @jaketapper Don’t you think Gibbs is like the least effective communicator in the WH? Very McClellan-esque, bumbly style. Not very credible. in reply to jaketapper #
  • @Chad_A_Johnston If you’re not having fun organizing, #youredoingitwrong. (Or it’s doing you wrong. Take a break!) in reply to Chad_A_Johnston #
  • Rtwt @blogdiva: PREACH! rtwt @CreativeSage: how much are we paying to jail ppl for possessing a drug the last 3 Presidents admit to using? #
  • Hee hee. Rtwt @natthedem: Mark: Duke is playing like [N.C.] State. #ncaa #
  • Can’t remember ever seeing #Duke lose so badly before. This is the last night we will see Paulus on the court. #NCAA #basketball #

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