Tweets from 2009-02-24

  • @lemonpepper I specifically put the DiaperChamp on the registry b/c I saw you recommend it somewhere about a month ago. 🙂 #
  • Now that Twhirl lets me post directly to, my account will live again. Still opposed to Twitter-to-Facebook-status, though. #
  • To clarify: Twhirl did support before, but now it lets me post my tweets automagically to without thinking abt it. #
  • @nerdette w00t! Go grrrl! Workit! High 5! Etc! 😉 in reply to nerdette #
  • @waynesutton Thanks, Wayne! I lurve speaking at conferences and by next year might be able to travel again. 🙂 in reply to waynesutton #
  • NC peeps, check it out! Retweeting @carrborocowork: New! All You Can Use Part Time Coworker #
  • Rtwt @rmurphey: RT @ryancarson: We’re looking for amazing female & racially diverse speakers. Pls suggest someone and tag with #fowaspeak #
  • Retweeting @newsobserver: Authorities: Helicopter crashes at Xe (a.k.a. Blackwater) campus in NC: #
  • BTW, like my new icon? I’m bringing bellies back! #
  • @abenamer Hah, I got that spam/IM from you and I just thought it was lame. Didn’t click. Glad it wasn’t really you. in reply to abenamer #
  • @saragregory I saw a TV show of women who gave birth without knowing they were pregnant (until in labor). It really boggles the mind. #
  • @saragregory Exactly. It illustrates different every pregnancy is. Each mother has a unique experience each time. No-one can miss my bump! in reply to saragregory #
  • I’m looking forward to y’all tweeting the Obamer speech as I’m going to be on a phone meeting at the same time. #
  • (That’s *Senator* Claire McC.) Retweeting @montuckyliberal: Nice – @clairecmc is tweeting from the chamber. nice. #
  • Retweeting @valdiskrebs: Watching MSNBC… they have a red line and blue line tracking con/lib voters… red line is often > then blue! #
  • From the conservative reaction it sounds like Obama is still rocking out at framing the issues. #
  • @bruinmccon She sure makes it look good – and as natural as can be. in reply to bruinmccon #

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