Tweets from 2009-02-08

  • Motherfucker. Woo. #
  • Dalai Lama on Twitter! RT @ohhdl: …thought it was prudent to make his office open & assessable to a more … technologically adv audience. #
  • Hansbrough spotting at Breadman’s. Just in case you were wondering where he was… #unc #basketball #
  • Working on this gift registrty really feels like work! Becoming an expert on cloth diapers and other baby arcana… #
  • Movie theater muzak playing a lite jazz version of “Eye of the Tiger.” Brain melting out my ears a littlr. #
  • @smalljones Oh, I haven’t seen Slumdog yet so you’re not quite the last. Did see Coraline today. FUN. #
  • Hey @DrHorrible, do you happen to know if Dolls is really starting on Friday? I can’t find it in my TV listings. #
  • @minorjive You saw Dark Knight? I’m sorry. Easily the most overrated film of 2008, IMO. #
  • Starting to write my birthing plan! (I know things will be beyond my control, but articulating goals is still helpful.) #

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