Tweets from 2009-02-04

  • Methinks the author’s of UNC’s new “sit-in policy” don’t understand the point of civil disobediance. #
  • @Braineyson My guess is Graves did something seriously bad but not illegal. I don’t know how this can stay secret. #unc #basketball #
  • @jacksonfox It’s getting there. Gmail should add navigation by keyboard as well… #
  • @jacksonfox Awesome, but why no ‘go to [label]’ shortcut? I know there’s a Labs feture, but I’d like a button that works like Move to. #
  • @ayse No problems logging in, but my Gmail gadgets still keep breaking, disappearing, or rearranging themselves. #
  • @kellan I was just thinking how it’s crazy to put the spam & delete buttons right next to the archive button, which has the opposite effect. #
  • Good episode on the State of Things right now about post-partum depression. I can’t wait to get mine. #
  • @josephrschwartz Mortgage payments are awesome! So much better paying yourself instead of some a**hole landlord every month. #
  • About to have my boss (who lives in NY) visit my office here in NC. Which is IN MY HOUSE. Freaking out? Just a little… #
  • @WomenWhoTech Uh, my entire *house* is messy. And smelly. (Thank you, 15-year-old cat that has never learned proper manners.) #
  • @tbeckett šŸ™‚ I tried to steer him to @CarrboroCowork, but the flip side is that I want him to see me telecommuting in my natural habitat. #
  • This was a really good show on postpartum depression. Rtwt @wunc: State of Things: Motherhood & Mental Health… #
  • @efriend Thanks, I didn’t hear it on @wchl but hope the clips at will work soon. in reply to efriend #
  • @pink_plaid Yes, but considering my circumstances, I think I might as well prepare for PPD. Hope for the best but expect the worst… in reply to pink_plaid #

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