Tweets from 2009-02-03

  • DMV fail #537: I can never complete my business in just 1 visit. There’s always one more document, person, or $$$ needed. #
  • And for the record, I spent 20 min on the phone w/ DMV yesterday just to make sure I would have everything I needed when I went today. #
  • @akeenan Normally, I would expect just that (queue up just to find out what I’m missing) but I stupidly thought calling 1st would help. #
  • @akeenan Agreed, which I should have known b/c the DMV phone person was helpful & didn’t make me feel less human. Obv no connection. #
  • @jayrosen_nyu Here’s an interview with one paper that really *gets* local: #
  • @Chad_A_Johnston Come on over if you want to watch the game w/ us! #
  • Waah, can’t listen to @WCHL, Woody’s not even on the same possession as the TV. 🙁 #
  • Err, last tweet was abt #UNC #basketball. Beating MD 10-4, 2 min into the game. #
  • Caoch Wms just called a time out and then had nothing to say to the guys! So they circled up & talked to ea other. Lead=10. #unc #basketball #
  • UNC leads MD 60-44 at halftime. #basketball In other news, I’ve noticed the upward migration of Ty Lawson’s facial hair, & I don’t like it. #
  • UNC leads MD 101-75 w/ over 5 min left! 16 3-pointers so far, a season record. #basketball #
  • Oooh, new menus (same features) in my Gmail inbox. Still can’t merge contacts. 😛 #
  • Final score: UNC 108 – UMD 91. #basketball. Nice game. #
  • Big news at UNC: Marcus Ginyard will officially red shirt this year. Will Graves is suspended from play for the rest of the year (grades?). #
  • Gmail doesn’t seem to have a way to un-archive or move a message to the inbox anymore…? And what is “mute?” #
  • @BoraZ @xxdesmus Ah, I didn’t see inbox down at the bottom of the Move to menu. Thanks! #
  • A ha! RT: @andrewjcohen: in gmail, “mute” forces the convo to skip your inbox even if future messages arrive. Good for chatty discussions. #

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