Tweets from 2009-02-02

  • @chimprawk Hang in there! That baby’s just not done baking yet. Will be thinking of you & C. #
  • Oooh, local burlesque here in Chappy & Durm! On my birthday too… #
  • Enjoying the #fem2 tweets! Keep it up, @blogdiva @nerdette @holdie1 @QuickBrownFoxNC. Get over there, @JulieG! Why aren’t you there, @naral? #
  • Whoops, also following @digitalsista, @ElisaC at #fem2 :-). Will any updates be posted at ? (Still h8 that logo.) #
  • @msfour What would you have done without Groundhog Day? 😛 #
  • @ayse Totalmente! Wonder if they provide childcare on site? #fem2 #fem3 #
  • @Fem2pt0 Thanks. I didn’t ask for it b/c I don’t have a kid yet! 32 weeks prego = not travelling to DC for cool conferences. #fem2 #
  • @ayse Aw, you rock. But I want you a the conference! Looks like @MomsRising is tweeting #Fem2 as well, for those keeping score at home. #
  • Rtwt @QuickBrownFoxNC: Single moms make about $.60 to a man’s dollar, vs $.73 for married moms, vs $.90 for women without children. #fem2 #
  • @silverbell Good idea. I might institute a $0.05 charge for weekend e-mails, especially. Would make a couple dollars every week. #
  • @rachelannyes All of my domains are registered through or Both are good. #
  • @RobertFischer I haven’t studied it, but I bet all of them make more than their female counterparts. #
  • @foreachdev #
  • Thank you! Retweeting @Mlsif: Bookmark this one: Here’s my favorite of the batch: #humor #
  • @Mlsif All my good jokes I learned from my fam, & none of them are safe for “polite” company. Now I know it’s not just me! #jewish #heritage #
  • Democracy in Action does some of the worst trainings/webinars I have ever attended. Sorry, friends. #nptech #
  • @rootwork I have taken most of the trainings DIA offers. Now in a webinar on “reports” which is one of the most F-ed up parts of Salsa, IMO. #
  • @rootwork Yes, I still ♥ Democracy in Action. I just wish someone would give me a big grant to re-design their entire interface. #nptech #
  • Speaking of Democracy in Action, I created a Drupal grp to discuss DIA/Salsa integration. Pls join: #nptech #
  • Err, I should have said: I created a group to discuss DIA/*Drupal* integration (not Salsa, duh). #
  • @randomdeanna Yes I love their work (hi, @EricG) but they’re usually too expensive/busy for me. #
  • @randomdeanna They seem to be building custom tools for very specific purposes. I just want a simple pipe btw DIA & Drupal (to start with). #
  • @fatbellybella Congrats on your natural homebirth and props for tweeting about it! #
  • Check out Dreamhost apps, FREE hosted WordPress, Drupal, Mediawiki, etc. (or cheap w/ yr own domain). Not bad. #
  • Rtwt @erinrwhite: NC rep. may debut a v-day marriage amendment: help equalityNC say STFU: #
  • @ntenhross Barf. Give him the boot. #
  • @cakemason That sounds like a lovely blend of cute and fierce. 🙂 Can’t wait to see it. #

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