Tweets from 2009-01-09

  • Note to all the MLK days of service that have been proliferating: King’s legacy is ACTION and the power of fierce LOVE, not volunteerism. #
  • Most volunteerism these days is like a band-aid instead of a tourniquet. It doesn’t challenge. I don’t consider that action a la King. #
  • @abenamer Sure, and volunteering is a great thing to do. I just don’t think it’s what Dr. King would be doing with his life today. in reply to abenamer #
  • Note to Twitter “friends”: direct messages are for personal messages TO ME, not your generic self-promotional updates. Unfollowed.</whine> #
  • @shauenv I’m sure that was good training for… something! Never seen footwork quite like that before, thanks for the awesome videos. in reply to shauenv #
  • <whining more>World, can’t you see I’m undercaffeinated today? Why must you persist in asking me complicated questions? </whining> #
  • CNN sez Blago has officially (finally) been impeached by the Illinois House. #
  • Retweeting @orangepolitics: It’s official! Thorp calls off the proposed Orange County Airport: Best UNC chancellor evar? #
  • Retweeting @newsobserver: Illinois House impeaches Gov. Rod Blagojevich: #
  • @tarheelcoxn How about Margaret’s (my fave) or Carrburritos? Also, Tandoor (fast) or Lime & Basil (slooow)… in reply to tarheelcoxn #
  • Retweeting @FORpeace: Impunity in Oakland: We don’t have to go all the way to Colombia or Gaza to see executio… #
  • This looks soooo good. Retweeting @indyweekly: Preview of Paperhand Puppet Intervention’s first adult-oriented show: #
  • @ayse Definitely. in reply to ayse #
  • With a few exceptions (hi @mistersugar & @orangepolitics) this has been a crappy and unproductive week. I want to go back to the beach. #
  • @noneck Eww, you flushed a live mouse down the toilet? Way to tranfer your problems to someone else and generate bad karma… in reply to noneck #
  • Ewwwww. Retweeting @redwhiteandnews: KARL ROVE DOES IT IN THE FACEBOOK: @KarlRoveChannel #

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