Tweets from 2009-01-11

  • Nixon much? Retweeting @craignewmark: “White House illegally deleted Secret Service computer records”: #
  • Today is the first televised UNC women’s basketball game of the year! Against N.C. State (w/o Kay Yow, for now). I’m excited!!! #
  • @smalljones Both are on Fox Sports (ch 50 in Chapel Hill). IMO the best place to watch most games is my living room. Many disagree. in reply to smalljones #
  • Switching from the fabulous Jan Boxhill on WCHL to the TV audio, as she’s a few seconds ahead of the visuals. #unc #women #basketball #
  • @tuckcomatus NCSU 2 – UNC 2. I’ll tell you when it gets interesting. 😉 in reply to tuckcomatus #
  • UNC 34 – NC State 28 @ halftime. State is pulling out their best, but I think UNC will stay in control. #women #basketball #
  • @ayse Yes, everyone has been talking about Coach Yow the entire time. Both teams came together in a prayer circle for her before the game. in reply to ayse #
  • Damn. UNC & NCSU tied at 36, 16:30 to go! #women #basketball #
  • UNC 38 – NCSU 42. Jessica Breland badly twisted her ankle, but took time to pass the ball before falling down in agony. Get well soon, Jess! #
  • @msfour D’oh, my bad. Sorry, Boxills. I <3 Jan & Deb. 🙂 in reply to msfour #
  • Tied with :19 sec left! The problem here is that NC State is playing really, really, well. Could go into OT. #unc #women #basketball #
  • Overtime. #
  • UNC on a 9-0 run so far in OT. #
  • Whew! Final score: UNC 75 – NCState 66. Cetera Degraffenreid is the bomb. Congrats on 800th win to Sylvia Hatchell. #
  • @ayse Awww, get better @davidb! in reply to ayse #
  • Guests @tuckomatus & @smalljones indahouse. Woody’s ahead of the TV again. 🙁 #
  • UNC 44 – Wake 44 at halftime. Absolutely miserable oficiating. (Go to sleep, @msfour.) #
  • I can’t even understand what game these refs are watching. Disgusted. UNC 58 – Wake 63, 12 min remaining. #basketball #
  • @sergiotovar Agreed. in reply to sergiotovar #
  • Really sick of having to watch this tight game without Woody. 🙁 #unc #basketball #
  • These TV ppl pretending fouls are legit remind me of the press rolling over for Bush. #unc #acc #basketball #
  • Thanks to Danny Greene, who did a great job tonight. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to make up for INSANE refs. Final: UNC 89 – Wake 92. #
  • @nathanhewitt @sergiotovar Seriously. Wake played well, but not amazingA lot of fumbling all around. Ppl just wanna beat UNC. #basketball in reply to nathanhewitt #

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