Tweets from 2008-12-31

  • My vacation project is to at least *start* making my 2-yrs-overdue wedding photo album. Any suggestions for favorite online services? #
  • @benstock Thanks for the suggestion. Checking out now… in reply to benstock #
  • @benstock It looks like @openzine is more for online publishing. I’m making photo albums to print for family. in reply to benstock #
  • Retweeting @jayrosen_nyu: … @theuptake rocked my new media year. Favorite: @chuckumentary finds he’s got John Edwards’ lover on tape. #
  • @sassafrassv You could nap… or you could… come to the beach! Happy anniversary, BTW. 🙂 in reply to sassafrassv #
  • It’s just sinking in that this will be the first New Year’s Eve that I won’t have had a single drink! Will make it festive in other ways… #
  • Disappointed that my friends are all spread out at 3 different beach houses instead of enjoying the first minutes of 2009 together. #
  • Oh happy 2009, y’all. I am DJing for the folks at *this* beach house… #
  • Can’t believe how many of you are on Twitter right now! I think this new year will be prime. #

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