Tweets from 2008-12-22

  • Minding the shop at @CarrboroCowork-ing while @BrianR deals with some important household business. #
  • @blakewatters Have you checked out in reply to blakewatters #
  • @MeEloise I do, in fact, have many thoughts about @TechSoup. 😉 What are you wondering in particular? in reply to MeEloise #
  • @blakewatters The small conf rooms at @CarrboroCowork-ing are often available if you need some privacy. And even the big room is v. flexi. in reply to blakewatters #
  • Retweeting @lintqueen: @IKEA_Clt OMG-so soon. Is there a mailing list or something (like a “let me know, so’s I can come worship you list?”) #
  • My cat is 8 1/2 years old and still playing with her tail. I want her job! #
  • @BrianR Yaaaay for @CoreyR!!!! May he reap the rewards of the good karma earned today. 🙂 in reply to BrianR #
  • No way, the prez-elect is ripped! Retweeting @wonkette: Here Are Your Topless Obama Pics As Promised. . . #
  • This is pretty sweet, and I hate xmas. Retweeting @FORpeace: A Christmas “card” from Colombia! #
  • This week’s @Twittermoms newsletter asks “Would you rather be skinny or rich?” I unsubscribed. #
  • @rachelannyes I appreciate the invitation. Will think on it. in reply to rachelannyes #
  • Whoops. Free prenatal yoga today, but I didn’t stop working in time. How does anyone take classes on weekdays? I can’t manage… #
  • Listening to Dr. @Lessig on Fresh Air right now! Terry Gross sounds ignorant right off the bat. #
  • @WomenWhoTech @Katrinskaya Yeah, there’s snug… and then there’s trashy. 😛 in reply to WomenWhoTech #
  • Trying to figure out what position the baby is in. Was that a shoulder or a foot I just felt? #

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